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Drone video of Limassol, Cyprus [4k Video ]

Limassol is historical and cosmopolitan. It is exciting and untamed. But above all, it is everything you would want it to be. There is so much you can do in Limassol which makes it hard for you to know about everything. No worries though. The ‘Discover Limassol’ category is here. So, here we go…

History of Limassol

History is mentioned in the past in a way that becomes the connective link with today. The history of the city is presented through documents, testimonies and historical photographs, at the biggest electronic Historical Archive for Limassol. The Archive is classified into 6 major historical periods, from the first signs of life in Limassol to the Republic of Cyprus and the modern history. Facts, personalities and moments that stood out and marked the city and the province carry their own stories, linking the old times with nowadays.

Green Limassol

With endless natural beauties, from Troodos to its coastline, Limassol is a place where one can experience unique moments, into the greens or the blues. Thus, the green developments, the environmental initiatives, the modern technology of renewable energy sources and the means for protecting the natural environment, highlight this wealth, underlining its value for the Limassol city and countryside, even more.


Some are cosmopolitan, full of madness and fun, some are more remote and some are ideal for families… Meet the beaches of Limassol, spread around the city, and find the one that suits you. Most of them have been awarded with a Blue Flag and they offer facilities such as sunbeds, showers and toilets. Do not forget the unique beach bars, the cafes and restaurants by the beach which offer excellent Mediterranean food and fresh fish.

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